Travelling to any new country with young children is a great adventure in itself. Will it be safe for them? Too hot? Too cold? Too many mosquitoes? What will they eat? And the mother of all questions, what will they do?? If you’re a parent planning a holiday with young ones then there’s a good chance you’ve asked yourself all of these questions and more before you’ve even brought out the big suitcases!

Despite the initial anxieties, travelling with children is well worth the effort!

Travel is wonderful for children. It is nourishing for their souls and it is electrifying for their minds. It introduces them to the ways of the world and makes them more adaptable. It fires up their imagination and encourages them to try new things whilst getting them outdoors and closer to nature.

Zoos, aquariums and parks continue to be excellent places for children to wander around and explore. But what if there was an opportunity to examine a new country at close quarters? A place where you could take your children where they are inherently familiar with and comfortable in, and yet still find novel and fascinating. A place where they could strike a conversation with somebody close to their own age and learn something about the country which they’d never have learnt at a museum? Or even something about themselves which they’d never have realised back home?

Take your children with you into a local classroom!

Clap Talks are a unique cultural-exchange experience enabling international travellers to visit local classrooms and engage in meaningful and often surprising conversations with students. Created from a desire to raise a more compassionate and humanistic generation, Clap Talks enable children to gain a greater understanding of global perspectives and form personal ties with people from countries all over the world.

The benefits are felt on both sides. When you sign-up for a Clap Talk you can take your children along so that not only could you help change the world-view of local students you meet, but the world-view of your own children too.

During a Clap Talk, you share stories about yourself, your work, family and culture. The young students introduce you and your family to their own country and way of life. Your children and you can take turns to answer their questions and ask some of your own. Your children get to see how schooling systems around the world are different than their own. And when they compare, they may learn to appreciate what they have better, and aspire towards the changes they may want to bring about.

Clap Talks change perceptions, break stereotypes and open up the minds of everyone present in a Clap Classroom. Your family gets a chance to represent your country and change how a classroom full of kids perceives your culture and people. During a Talk, the new country you’re visiting may surprise you, while your own may fill you with pride. And somewhere along the way, while the students show you what they carry in their school dabbas or you sing them a line from your favourite song, it may come home to you that people around the world are very different and yet essentially, the same.

To find out more about Clap Talks, visit the official website of Clap Global.

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