Who remembers when they were a kid in school and being asked the classic question, ‘so kids, what do you want to be when you grow up?’ You’d look around at your classmates and friends who would all be excitedly shouting out their aspirations of becoming ‘a Teacher!’, ‘a Doctor!’ ‘a Pilot!’ Perhaps you remember feeling kind of impressed by those more wild ambitions like ‘an Astronaut!’ or ‘a Lion Tamer!’ 

What if back then you had known just how exciting and interesting life as a working adult can be? What if back then you had known that you can become just about anything you want to be? Would that have had any kind of impact on the decisions you made or the view of your future you had growing up? 

Would the 9-year-old you have believed that you could make a living from being a film colourist? Or a concert pianist, a travel blogger, a plastic artist (yes, that’s a thing!),an anthropologist or a marine biologist? What about if you had met real-life people doing exactly that as a job? Would you have felt inspired to ‘reach for the stars’?

Through Clap Global, school kids in India are doing exactly that through the unique concept of ‘travelers in classrooms.’ They’re meeting travellers from all over the world, from all walks of life and they are getting to talk to them about who they are, where they come from, and what they do, in their classrooms. They’re finding out what they love, how they followed their passions and they are asking themselves the question, ‘so, what can I be when I grow up?’ 

Here’s a peek at some of the travellers they’ve met and the kind of lives they’ve been given a peek in to:



1. Industrial Engineer, Art Teacher and Event Organiser



Carolina Fernandez, Bogota, Columbia

Carolina from Colombia exchanged conversations with students in Pune about her job at a concert venue which taught them a lot about life in the entertainment and event organisation industry. (She also shared with them her love of cooking, photography and playing sports!)



2. Programmer and Climate Justice Activist



Jonathan Nylande, G’a’vle, Sweden

Jonathan from Sweden introduced his students to some of the interesting (and very future relevant!) topics that his job allows him to deal with such as, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency and politics.



3. Medical Information Manager, Inter-Culturist and Certified Nurse (with a PhD in Science of Nutrition!)



Barbara Krampitz, Frankfurt, Germany

Barbara from Germany showed the students that you don’t always have to stick to one thing, you can do a bit of everything you love! She is an Inter-Cultural Coach, a Yoga Trainer and a Medical Trainer. Through her job she gets to do the things she loves – travelling, meeting people and exchanging ideas.



4. Management Consultant and Beach Lifeguard



Emily Mellor, Melbourne, Australia

Emily from Australia shared with the students her love her country’s great beaches and the surfing culture as well as her interests in fitness and learning new skills. She inspired the students by sharing her passion for volunteering with her local life-saving club.



5. Sergeant-Detective, Investigator and Police Officer



Benoit Chevrier, Montréal, Canada

Students were fascinated to hear about Benoit from Canada’s line of work.



6. Plastic Artist and Electronic and Ground Engineering Technician



Ness NF, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ness from Argentina opened the student’s mind to a profession that pretty much no adult, let alone a child had heard of before, a plastic artist!



7. Travel blogger



Lucy Plummer, London, United Kingdom

Students were very excited to discover that someone can actually pay you to travel the world. Lucy from the UK works as a Travel Blogger (among other things) and is able to work anywhere in the world, as long as she has her laptop and good connection.



8. Government Administrator



Tenzin Dickyi, United States

Tenzin Dickyi is a Chinese-American working with local government as an International Relations Enthusiast. The students were inspired to hear all about her work to empower women entrepreneurs which led to many of them considering how they could do this for their own country, India.



9. Environmental Engineer, Economist and Founder of recycling start-up, Ususty



Daniel G. Nemet, Budapest, Hungary

Daniel from Hungary excited students by telling them about his own start-up Ususty, which aims to make recycling fun by mixing gaming with waste-management.



10. Nuclear Medicine Doctor



Jana Marcinkova, Snina, Slovakia

Jana from Slovakia grabbed the students attention when she shared with them her profession of working as a Nuclear Medicine doctor. She also told them about her experiments in the kitchen, her practice of Ball Dancing and love of playing the piano.



11. Ultimate Frisbee Player, Photographer, Coach and Stay-at-Home Dad



Fred Edward Burke Soto, Maracaibo, Venezuela

Fred from Venezuela became a great contender for coolest and most-random mixture of professions when he shared what he does with students. They were also impressed to hear rgr Fred was also a member of the Indian Masters National Team for the World Ultimate and Guts Championship 2016.



12. Police Officer and Bollywood Dance Coach



Cécile Goity, Montpellier, France

Cecile left students shocked when she told them that beside being a Police Officer, she also taught Bollywood Dance to people back in her home country, France. This unusual mixture is down to her being the president of an Indian culture association in France where they introduce India to the locals through festivals, Bollywood dance.



13. Entrepreneur and Founder of a tea company



David, Amsterdam, Netherlands

David from The Netherlands studied International Political Economics and European Political Science. In his quest to explore how business can help strengthen a society, David went on to found his own tea company. He also shared his love of movie editing and photography and is a keen skydiver and surfer, when he gets the chance!



14. Spanish Actor



Sonia Albizuri Linarea, Barcelona, Spain

Students were very excited to meet a real-life Actor from Spain in their classroom. An actress, model and host with a degree in catering & management and performing arts Sonia impressed the class with her ability to speak 5 different languages, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian and English.



15. International Relationship Expert



Andrey, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Andrey from Russia works as an International Relationship Expert and Partnership Expert alongside indulging in extreme sports including Wakeboarding and Snowboarding.



16. Multidisciplinary Designer and Photographer



Esmeralda Domínguez, Castellón De La Plana, Spain

Esmeralda from Spain inspired students with her varied interest showing them just what can be achieved in the creative world. She studied Fine Arts and Fashion Design before becoming a Multidisciplinary Designer and Photographer. Esmeralda explained how your passion can become your profession, and even allow you to travel all over the world!



17. American Actor and Bicycling enthusiast



Zack Coffin, Los Angeles, United States

Besides wowing the students with his impressive travel count (a whopping 35 countries to date!) Zack from the LA is an Actor and has studied Literature, Acting and Filmmaking.


18. Thai Playback Singer




Rimi Nique, Bangkok, Thailand

Rimi from Thailand is a playback singer, songwriter and also sings for Bollywood.



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