Places have their own character just as people do, said travel writer Pico Iyer. If you ask me the character of Mumbai, I would say it is lively, chaotic, hard-working and has an old charm to it. And so, travelling to Mumbai for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. In addition to the usual must-do’s you may have read about in guides, let me take you through some of the fun and more unique things to do in Mumbai.



1. A secret music gig, anyone?

A cozy environment, a small gathering and a live music performance at a secret destination. If you are looking for unusual activities in Mumbai, then Sofar Sounds Bombay is for you. The music performances are held at intimate gatherings that could be someone’s living room, a fancy furniture showroom, a terrace or even a college campus.



2. Be a part of oneness and conscious living at Van Tribe.

Van Tribe is a gathering that celebrates the power of community and believes in the power of co-creation. It gathers artists, visionaries, painters, musicians and creates a gathering of like-minded people. The tribe’s vision is to create a space for collective learning, oneness and conscious living. Every event takes place at a different setting, at times indoors and at times amidst nature. From wellness, meditation, mandala art, zentangle – an art form with geometrical designs, music healing, bonfire nights, celebration and soulful conversations, the tribe has a lot to offer.

To be a part of the tribe, get in touch with them on their Facebook page.



3. Have an eye-opening conversation about your country and culture with children in a local school classroom.

How often have you heard a 10-year old ask you this question – what makes you happy? How often have you thought about it yourself? Would you like to have meaningful conversations and receive heart-warming handwritten postcards from children in a school classrooms? This is part of a Clap Talk, which lets people from around the globe share stories about their country, culture, families, passions, opinions and way of living with children. Clap talks are a part of Clap Global, a unique platform for cultural exchange that enables international travellers to visit local classrooms and have eye-opening conversations with students.

To have this unique experience, sign up now!



4. Visit a hippie community cafe that lets you do whatever you feel like.

Have you come across a cafe that lets you brew your own coffee? Or a place that allows you to take a power nap and paint the walls? If you want to revive the hippie soul in you, then head to Aleph – the divine space in Juhu. Aleph, a Hebrew word which means ‘universe’, is a place that lets you just be, without judgement.

To be a part of this hippie culture and connect with Aleph on their Facebook page.



5. Move beyond your inhibitions, learn pole dancing

If you thought pole dancing was only about seductive moves, a pole art class in Mumbai is here to break the stereotype. Aarifa Bhinderwala, a pole art trainer, is here to challenge the myth that only people with a certain body type can climb a pole. Aarifa says that pole dancing is both an art and a sport. It is an art because it uses dance as a medium to create beauty, and a sport because it uses elements of calisthenics and gymnastics for a workout.

You can reach out to Aarifa Bhinderwala on her Instagram or email her at



6. An early morning walk through the city’s historic fish market: Sassoon Dock

While most of us are our sleepy heads at 6 am, a certain population of Mumbai is already up and working. Visiting this dock, is not for the faint hearted, yet it makes an interesting place to visit. The docks are one of the places where the sea, fish and the Koli community, the original inhabitants of Mumbai, all come together.

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