Each day presents its mystery, from dawn to dusk we all yearn to cease moments that will reignite that spark of greatness. Humanity is woven in one fabric, interlaced with diverse strands of culture and beliefs, yet all coming to one beautiful fabric of life. The journey in this quest to cease that great experience all started with one rare moment, an opportunity that has left a spark, one that will keep radiating with each coming day.



I set out to Sri Lanka through an invitation from Clap Global to share my African, Zambian culture with young people in a winsome way. What stemmed from it has been inexplicably amazing and still left me in awe.



While conducting Clap Talks at the Gateway Group of Schools, I realised that it was a great opportunity to connect with the youth of Sri Lanka through real conversations and experiences. It fascinated me to meet young minds from a culture, understanding their perspectives and their imagination which sees no boundaries. This moment has left a mark in my life, one that I will live to cherish and share.



From the warm hospitality, one that makes one feel home, yet away from home. The food, lauded with amazing flavours, every meal feels as though it’s been prepared for a king. The amazing serene views to behold, coupled with a breeze of freshness, simply adds to moments worth cherishing. The culture of Sri Lanka presents diversity and yet people are in harmony, with so much love, oneness and respect towards each other, something that we coin as “Ubuntu” in the African rhythm. The kids shared their talents in culture dance, poetry, singing, drama but to mention a few. What I learnt through the Clap Talk is something I could not have fathomed by just reading about it, I lived to experience it beyond the classroom walls with the young minds. It gave me an opportunity to inspire the kids and make them see beyond their reach.



I am glad this is a journey and not a destination. When all is said and done, it is such experiences we look at to revive our joy, aspirations and reason to do great while we are alive to do so. I have learnt that I have more things that now stretch beyond my list of hobbies. Thank you Clap Global, such a dedicated team that helps to create these opportunities which promote oneness, thereby creating a society that is more compassionate, enlightened and embrace the diversity of culture.


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