Jambo! (Hi), I am Brandy, a law graduate from Nairobi, Kenya. I came to India as a volunteer with AIESEC and chose to intern with Clap Global.



Visiting India as a volunteer not only helped me experience a new culture but also enabled me to grow and develop through practical experiences and increased my self-awareness. I improved my communication abilities and developed an overall global mind set.

While interning with Clap Global I conducted Clap Talks in various schools in cities like Mumbai, Guwahati and Varanasi as well as the interiors like Ratnagiri and Kharghar.



I had valuable conversations with students from Grades 2 to 10 and sometimes addressed a group of up to 100 students!!! Oh! how I felt like a celebrity.  Through more than 20 fun Clap Talks, I shared my culture, background and a lot of things about my homeland and learnt a lot of new things about India through the student lens..



A few awesome Clap Talk incidents that will remain close to my heart are, the traditional Indian welcomes at the schools where I gave the Clap talks (they really made me feel like royalty) and of course the way a grade 10 explorer leading the Clap Classroom welcomed me in Swahili (Kenyan Language).



A parent coming up to me and explaining with great excitement how her child had enjoyed my Clap Talk and dreamt of visiting my country Kenya soon!!!

A middle School student being aware of Prof. Wangari Maathai the first African woman to win the Nobel Prize was very surprising to me and also grade 9 students being aware of SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) by United Nations was very impressive.

The Show Your Talent Round, which is a part of Clap Talks, was great fun. Students put in maximum effort to plan songs, dances, mimicry and skits to entertain me and bring me closer to their culture. I also ended up being part of the folk dances and it was fun.


A group of students sang a song in Swahili (Kenyan language) which was so thoughtful. The Clap Team had planned lot of interesting games to be played during the Clap Talks which were not only entertaining but very logical and informative.



It was great to be a part of tribute to teachers on the cultural occasion of ‘Guru Purnima’ a day of expressing love and gratitude towards teachers. A heart warming tradition indeed!!



All in All I had an epic 6 weeks in India in the months of June and July…in the midst of the rains, traffic jams…local trains but it feels like I am taking back a bit of India with me and leaving behind a little bit of Kenya with all the people I could reach out to!!



A big shout out to all the Principals and school teachers who made me feel so comfortable and welcomed.




Schools I visited:

Trinity School Sion, Mumbai

Empyrean School Khargar, Navi Mumbai

SVM  School Ratnagiri

Sankriti The Gurukul, Guwahati

Sunbeam Schools, Varanasi 

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Namaste, hoping to be back soon!!

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