In February 2019, I started to plan my internship program for summer. I am from Canada, studying Political Science and at age 19 –  I decided to come to Mumbai for a 6 week internship at Clap Global, a social enterprise. I was introduced to Clap Global through Aiesec India for volunteering programs. My internship required me to give Clap Talks at public, private, international schools and NGO’s , where I had the opportunity to interact with children from pre- primary to grade 10.  A Clap Talk is a 75 mins talk where a traveller tells the children about themselves, their work, family, country or anything they feel strongly about. I was super excited and so my journey began… 


After 3 days of settling in my apartment in Mumbai, I arrived to the Clap Global office on May 19.  My experience with the lovely people of Mumbai has largely been influenced by my coworkers, the students and teachers I’ve met, and the other people I’ve been lucky to come across along the way. My experiences at the Clap office have been thoroughly enjoyable, making work awesome. I was amazed with how modern and well designed my place of work was – Vorq Space ,  a co – working space at Fort in South Mumbai. The friendly work environment and effort each member at work has shown to make me feel comfortable and show me around not only the area of our office but the city, has been amazing!


While interning, I was fortunate to go with my co – workers to Mohammad Ali road during Ramadan, which is a road famous for Indian street food. I tried some fried food and meat curry with bread which honestly was quite spicy at first but well it was so delicious that I couldn’t get over it. I must say, it was by far one of my favourite experiences in the city, and is something that I am going to remember for a long time. Do try out the Indian sweets from – Tawakkal Sweets, they are delicious and I’ve been told that it’s very famous as Indian film industry celebrities visit them during Ramadan.   

During my stay in Mumbai, I celebrated Ramadan Eid, where the Clap team shared some home cooked meal in the office. I got to try a tasty dessert called Sheer Khurma – it’s made of milk, vermicelli and dry fruits. Sheer Khurma is typically consumed on the day of Eid.

My overall experience giving Clap Talks has been extremely enriching. While interacting with the students at JBCN International School, I genuinely felt inspired by the eagerness and energy the students exuded and could tell that they really did enjoy the discussions. It was so wonderful for me to see the children touch on topics like the role of government, children in society, development,  economics and social welfare.

During my talk with the girls at Prerana Anti-Trafficking Organization, I was amazed at all the talents the girls possessed and how eager they were to share them with me. One of the girls made a flower for me out of tissues and string, while another sang a classical Indian song. Even after, when I got to talk to the girls one on one, I noticed the intelligence and enthusiasm the girls had for politics, social issues and more. I had so much to take back with me and I will be sharing this experience with everyone back home.

Let me tell you a little about where I stayed in Mumbai.. The apartment I stayed in was comfortable despite being different from what I am used to in Canada. What I have learned since I arrived in Mumbai is that anything is comfortable as long as there is AC! Being able to order food home from nearby restaurants has never been easier, and was a different experience than in Canada where delivery is sometimes more of a hassle than a convenience.

I travelled around the city in Uber, which is quite safe in Mumbai and I honestly had nothing to worry about.


Mumbai has been lovely and I look forward to coming back next year.. Until then goodbye for now 🙂

Sharing some hand written messages by the children I interacted with during my Clap Talks.



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