If you had 75-minutes with a classroom full of students in another country, all eager to meet you, the ‘exciting traveller from a far-away foreign country’, what would you want them to know about you? What things would you tell them about life in your country? What would you want their lasting memories to be? What would you like to take away from the experience?

Clap Talks open up the world to children by inviting travellers visiting their country into their classrooms. Suddenly, countries on a map come alive – Peru, Afghanistan, the USA, Kenya – suddenly countries are given a face, they’re given real-life people’s experiences. Suddenly, they are no longer abstract shapes and lines on a map, they are real places, with real people, living real lives.

Each time a child shares time, stories, experiences and a selfie with a traveller, their world expands and the seeds of global thought and connection are planted in their young minds. The world starts to feel a little closer to home, and in turn they feel a little more at home in the world.

It’s not just touching memories that both traveller and student parts ways with. They walk away clutching a bundle of messages revealing thoughts, affection, impact and adorable tokens of newly found friendships. They reveal the extent of the meaning that this time spent together has had. As these messages are handwritten on postcards, they become treasured keepsakes.

Here are 7 of the most meaningful postcards written by school kids to foreign travellers in India!

1. To Tenzin from Tibet, From Livya, Mumbai

‘You are truly amazing sir! You’ve left me speechless… I can feel myself transformed as a person all thanks to you! This was honestly the best Clap Talk I’ve ever experienced. I am inspired by your tremendous efforts.’ 

2. To Manix from Congo, From Jeet, Mumbai

‘Hiya there! I had heard much about African history but when you spoke about it I was stunned that all I heard was wrong. Thank you!’

3. To Jana from Slovakia, From Jhanvi, Mumbai

‘I hope you come back to India once again and I loved your country’s dance too. I had lots of fun spending time with you. Thank you.’ 

4. To Paola from Italy, From Gauri, Pune

‘This session was buono.’

5. To Mareta from New Zealand, From Susmita, Mumbai

‘Thank you madam, so sweet of you to say and talk about New Zealand, I liked the Clap Talk. Sadly this is our last Clap Talk, but we won’t forget the memorable things that we shared.’ 

6. To Bahara from Afghanistan, From Ashinka

{Translated from Hindi} ‘Ma’am, it was really nice meeting you and I got to learn so many things about Afghanistan! If only you could stay back in our country. You have become by best friend! I love you Bahara ma’am. My name is Ashinka.’

7. To Hilbert from Germany, From Shaan

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