Bags packed, you are happily crossing international borders to venture into a new city. As fun as exploring new architecture, landscapes and nightlife is, it’s more fulfilling to immerse yourself inside of the city roots with voluntourism. So we welcome you to Mumbai, with 5 fabulous volunteering activities to participate in, that will give you back just as much or more than what you invest in it.



1. Cat Cafe Studio

With flexible, shift-based volunteer timings, enter into this cat paradise, located in Versova. You’ll be asked to feed the cats, groom them and take them for vet visits. You can also participate in their adoption activities. Not too much fostering effort for someone flitting in and out of the city. Get engulfed with instant gratification and love from the feline balls of cuteness!



2. Clap Global

International travellers and residents can sign up on the free platform, Clap Global, and get access into a local Mumbai classroom for a 75-minute conversation. It’s surprising how many stereotypes have been ingrained inside of the mind of both, a child and an adult. Through this interaction, children get to learn about different cultures through real stories and real people, and gradually develop an understanding of the world that is deeper than popular stereotypes. As a traveller, you get to witness a slice of real life in a foreign land from the perspective of kids. Icing on the cake, is that you get to go back home with the sweetest, hand-written postcards from the students!

Sign up for a Clap Talk today:



3. Clean-Up Versova Beach

Every Saturday and Sunday, between 2pm-4pm, head to Versova beach and be a part of the world’s largest beach clean-up. An open community of volunteers pitch in to help dispose of the obscene amount of trash that gets thrown on the beach. As one of the dirtiest beaches in Mumbai, the increasing amount of rubbish started adversely affecting the residents nearby. As a powerful initiative taken up by the residents themselves, many international volunteers also join in on the weekends to restore the beauty of this Mumbai beach!



4. Slum Aid

Slum Aid primarily works to improve the lifestyle and health condition of slum dwellers. Work in areas of extreme poverty and deprivation by contributing positively towards disease control and nutrition. Volunteer, or sponsor a volunteer for their expenses to work on a project, or donate directly to Slum Aid to actively contribute towards their cause.



5. AAWC: Apne Aap Women’s Collective

AAWC is an anti-trafficking organisation that services the women and children of Kamathipura, the red light area of Mumbai, that is also one of the largest and oldest red light areas in Asia. An opportunity to work with AAWC can be truly life-changing. Volunteers need not have prior experience working with women or children, but must be mentally prepared to be empathetic and open-minded with the victims of violence – including sex-trafficking, that they are assigned to work with.

So go on, pick one of these incredible initiatives and make your travel to Mumbai more immersive and memorable!



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