I have been in India for the past 6 weeks and have enjoyed every bit of my stay in India. I had some awesome experiences at the schools in Mumbai, Varanasi, Goa and Bangalore where I went as an intern from Clap Global to talk to the students about my culture and my country – Slovakia.

I was overwhelmed by the warmth and welcoming nature of everyone at the schools, but what I really want to highlight are the similarities that I found in the culture of my country Slovakia and India during this stay.



As a ballet dancer by passion and profession, I felt Indian classical dance Kathak to be very similar to Ballet. Both these forms of dance use choreography to reveal a story.



The Aloo Paratha in India took me by surprise, it was so much like Lokse a classic Slovakian delicacy made of potato and  flat bread in Slovakia. 



Holi – the festival of colours celebrated in India made me nostalgic about Easter in my country where there is a similar tradition of men splashing water on the women followed by merrymaking. Such similarities between our cultures made me feel more at home in India and made me feel like coming back to India time and again. Such cultural experiences set my mind thinking on a more global tangent that, every country every place in the world has something similar and something in common to relate to, that can bond the world into a more compassionate place and a more emotionally and culturally connected platform.



Another example of cultural sameness could be seen in the language of ancient India, Sanskrit and the Slovakian dialect. The numbers one, two, three for example in Sanskrit are eka, dve, trini  whereas in Slovakian language one, dva, tretia.



Though I must say the little struggles that I faced while using public transport and finding my way through the little lanes and by lanes of the congested areas would make me feel homesick sometimes but the Dahi Puri (Mumbai Chaat) lifted my spirits to a different high! 



And as they say…some of the best stories are found in the pages of a passport, I put a big tick against India in my bucket list of must do’s as a completely worthwhile and culturally satisfying experience of my life and definitely look forward to visiting India time and again for many such experiences.

Until then Goodbye !!! 



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